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This site features the work of Bob Butler, with a focus on fine art portraiture and wedding photography. Public Image Photography is dedicated to the traditional methods of film – both large & medium format.

We are convinced that the associated timelessness and distinct quality of film is unique, and is not compellingly replicated with actions, presets, and edits applied through today’s digital technologies. As photographers who work with these cameras and formats, we pride ourselves on thoroughly knowing our equipment so that what is collected through the lens is beautiful and captivating.

While this new site is not solely focused on wedding photography, we would like you to consider having your entire wedding documented on medium and large format color and b&w film. Your wedding photos can be something truly unique, archival, and ageless that will tell the story of your special day in a classic style that will not appear dated over the years. If you are interested in getting together in person or would like to receive a quote, simply contact us by email at info@publicimagephotography.com. For more specific contact information, click on the contact link above. 

In the mean time, please enjoy exploring our recent work by clicking on the names to the left of this site. 

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